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Maggie Speaks - Maggie Speaks - Live Music in Chicago

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Maggie Speaks performs

Photo courtesy of Donnii Watts.

Our members have the experience that only thousands of live performances in myriad situations can bring. From skyscraper hotel loading docks in downtown Chicago to production crews on a foreign beach, we've learned a ton about live events. Our blogs are where we can share that information with you. We keep two separate blogs here so you can focus on what interests you.

Our wedding blog is dedicated to sharing our wedding experience with couples, planners and other vendors. Most people attend a handful of weddings and are behind the scenes at only one or two. We have been part of the planning and execution of hundreds. We like to think we've learned a thing or two and could maybe exchange some wisdom to help couples plan their big day.

We get asked to play a lot of different roles at corporate events. Sometimes it's as simple as filling a dance floor with a group the planner has assured us "just won't dance". Other times we get to help plan more complex solutions for our clients. Either way we want to share our experiences from the great events we've been a part of.

We hope you can find something useful to you or at least learn more about us. If you have an idea for an article for us please contact us.

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